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Video: Blackface Naija Reveals Why He Did His Own Version Of “African Queen”

Blackface Naija has made a come back to Nigeria music scene and he has return to making more music. He recently started trending after he released his own version of the Popular song “African Queen”.

This morning Blackface Naija was on Television Continental (TVC) for an interview with Lady O Mary on ‘Wake Up Nigeria ’ show. During the session, Blackface Naija was asked the question: Why Did You Decided To Release Your Own Version?

In his reply, Blackface explained that he needed people to understand what he was thinking while writing the original song which according to him was performed by 2Baba.

“It’s not the first time that two people have been on a song, like two people have done version of a song, and basically when people do versions like that it’s either maybe….maybe somebody feels like the song wasn’t rendered properly. Or someone feels like maybe…you know, maybe the song could have been done like…you know…

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“So basically I’ve seen it over time, I’ve decided…I decided that, so many people were recording African Queen.

“Like there’s a guy called “Sadikay” you know…he is Jamaica, I never heard of him but he recorded African Queen and some of the lyrics like got twisted

“It’s somehow when you write something and people are singing and singing it in a different way.

“So when people start to change it, you know, you yourself that created that thing your mind will always be telling you that…this us not the way I want it to be. And so there is other better way for me to express myself towards the song because the song is like going out… So I just have to record it again for the people that really love the music. And the music is for the black women and it’s for the respect for black women and mothers you know. So I really have to sing it again for them to really understand what I was thinking about and vibe I was thinking about.”

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On the public opinion that it’s not just about doing his own version rather it’s about 2face versus Blackface issue, he was ask if his new version has anything to do with that? He said it doesn’t have, saying “he (2face) has already done his own rendition”.

Watch the exclusive interview below.

2face now 2Baba was the first to sing this song in 2003, that was about 16 years ago. The song quickly went global which gave 2baba international recognition, however he was accused by Blackface Naija.

Blackface Naija alleged that 2baba stole his song and performed it without giving him due credit for the work.

Just in case you have not listen to the new version by Blackface Naija which was produced by Nelson Brown for Loud House Entertainment, you can download it here and listen.

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