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Video + Audio: King Monada – Malwedhe

Malwedhe Idibala” is a song by South African vocal powerhouse, King Monada who send a strong message to his partner that he has a sickness of collapsing, a sickness rooted in love relationship, so if she ever break up with him the sickness will come up.

If you break up with me, you will bring up hidden sickness from far.”

“My sickness is rooted in love relationships or comes from love relationships.”

This is a song you should have, despite the song was done in Khelobedu, a language spoken by the Lobedu people of South Africa, but the rhythm and the beat makes me keep repeating this song over and over.

However the song took over social media after the release last year, which stirred up a challenge online called the #fallingchallenge

Watch the video below.


You can read the lyrics here, including the English translated version.


Download the song below and enjoy, you can share this by using the share button on your device screen.

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