Fullnaija Promotional Packages

More than 10k visitors from home and abroad (mostly from Nigerians, USA, South Africa, Germany where we have most users) visit Fullnaija daily to read articles and download songs and mixtapes. Fullnaija is the right platform for you to promote yourself, your song or mixtape, so what are waiting for?

See our various packages below.

Cover Artwork Design
We can give your cover artwork an amazing and creative design, so try us.
Regular = ₦5k
Awesome = ₦7k
Creative = ₦10k

Featured Song & Mixtape
Your song or mixtape will be featured on top all pages on our mobile site for a month so every on viewing any page on Fullnaija must see and download your song or mixtape.
One Song = ₦5k
One Mixtape = ₦9k

Monthly Mixtape Package
Fullnaija monthly mixtape is an arrangement with Nigerian dedicated and professional DJs to further promote upcoming artists.

Fullnaija will produce 5 mixtapes monthly. That means your song will be download by fans of each DJs, plus Fullnaija users both home and abroad
Per Mixtape = ₦3k
Per Month (5 Mixtapes) = ₦10k

Music Upload Fee
Getting your songs or mixtapes on Fullnaija wouldn’t cost you much, so what are you waiting for?
Per Track = ₦1k
Per Mixtape = ₦3k

Sponsored Post
Do you have any upcoming shows, any event or story about you that you wants everyone to know online? We can help you it. Our sponsored post is divided into two
Article written by you = ₦1k
Article written by us = ₦3k

Cover Artwork Advert
Do you know you can also take advantage of cover artwork to reach more people? We can put your artwork on your song or other songs upload to Fullnaija so that everyone playing that song know about you. Imagine more than 10 thousand people playing Fullnaija song seeing your artwork that includes your photo and social media pages, that’s a lot.
Per Your Song = ₦500
Per Other Songs =₦1k

Note: Your content, both articles, songs or mixtapes will remain on Fullnaija as long as it continue existing.

Contact us now on the following platforms on any of the above packages
Whatsapp: 08130229252

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