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Photos: Davido Dating Ghanian Serwaa Amihere?

A Ghanaian pretty lady, Serwaa Amihere is allegedly dating Nigerian superstar, Davido according to Instagram user @SwitchFocus.

According to @SwitchFocus one Ghanaian lady based in the United Kingdom was flying in and out of Nigerian from the UK all because of Davido.

The said post may have somehow been deleted, as such post can not be found on @SwitchFocus timeline right now.

According to the story, a woman allegedly went to the Davido’s apartment in the UK only to see him in a compromising situation with Amihere who is said to be a TV newscaster at GHOne.

The Ghanaian UK-based lady got a call from Davido to come over but she couldn’t make it because it was late and decided to make it in the morning.

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To her surprise, she got to where she had scheduled to meet Davido very early in the morning only to find Serwaa Amihere wrapped in a white towel with Davido in a serious position.

Read the said Instagram post from @SwitchFocus below:

“eiiii if you think people don’t know your matter in this k3ntry then my sister….my brother wo hia taabea bitters 3ne bofrot ??????????s3 mo kae the post I did about Davido having a secret g3rfrnd with a baby in Ghana? kyer3 s3 after the post naa p3 3na me nyaa message….when I checked it was one fine lady bi……She was like please do you have any idea about the lady? 3na mesee daabi na me kraa no I am looking for her??????????not knowing she’s sent my post to her friend in the UK oooo……the thing is the girl in the UK used to date Davido……she was flying in and out of Nigeria just for banana to fall on her??????????one night she had a text from Davido to come to his place….3na )se ade3 asa 3nti she can’t come…..3nti )no de3 she woke up the next day….took her shower….sprayed herself well and straight to his place…..3h) na )k) huu s33 Serwaa55 3de towel ab) ne mu in a very serious position with Davido ????????????long story short…..the lady broke up with him….
b3t according her and as we all know Serwaa doesn’t have a baby 3nti hwan biom? and I even think Serwaa and Davido are no more…..which still tells me the tati billion g3r is out there somewhere ????????????
Serwaa Davida ayekoo”.

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