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Iceberg Slim Apologize To Juliet Ibrahim Revealed Why They Broke Up

Nigerian rapper, Iceberg Slim has finally revealed what went wrong in his relationship with his ex-lover Juliet Ibrahim thereby sending a very emotional and heart-warming apology to her.

The Ghanaian Nollywood actress, Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim who were so much into each had issues in their relation which lead to their breakup around last year. However, none of them ever revealed what lead to the breakup until Iceberg Slim let the cat out of the bag through his apology message to his ex-lover.

Recall, Juliet Ibrahim during a question and answer session earlier this year revealed her relationship status when she said she’s single.

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On his message, Iceberg Slim admitted that he lied and also cheated on Juliet and actually took her love for granted thereby failing her as well as those who wish them well. On why his apology message revealing details this late, he said “sometimes you have to reveal, in order to heal”.

His full message to Juliet Ibrahim thus read as shared on Instagram by Iceberg Slim: “Dear Juliet Ibrahim, thank you for everything. You loved me unconditionally even at my lowest points, and only wanted honesty and love in return. Unfortunately i’ve failed you along with everyone that saw our relationship and wished us well. Despite the pain and heartache i have caused you, somehow you still found a way to rise and smile again. I lied, i cheated, i took your love for granted… and in return i brought ridicule and shame to you. From the bottom of my heart, i apologize. “Why now?” You may ask, sometimes in life, you have to reveal in order to heal. As i’ve revealed the true reasons for our break-up, healing comes next. As we continue on our separate paths, i pray for God’s continued guidance.”

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Iceberg’s apology has meet different reactions as it’s hit fans as a surprise because the rapper have been throwing jibes at Juliet on social media continuously just after they broke up. This got everyone wondering what could be the real reason for his apology.

On another news, the rapper who has not been making music drop a banging new single featuring Robbie Celeste, the track is titled “Way Up”. Click here to download it, you should get it now because it’s not your regular Nigeria music. It’s hot.


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