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Danny Young Lectures British OAP Adeshope

Danny Young lectures AdeShope Olajide who said on a live TV show that Wizkid was the first young popstar in Africa to develop a young audience. “without Wizkid’s initial success there would be no Davido, there would be no Burno Boy, there would be nobody else”, he said this during an interview session with DJ Abass.

He has however forgotten or he just choose to ignore the fact that before Wizkid there where young artists, the likes of Danny Young, who made good music that hit the radio and TV stations in Africa before the arrival of Wizkid. But he ignored this and said Wizkid inspired every other young artists today.

So Danny Young took his time to lecture the Nigerian UK base OAP, and took us back to memory lane of 2006 when he really started the show. Danny Young who gave his on the popular photo and video sharing platform, Instagram also shared a snippet of one of his hit song then and wrote the following:

We made this song in 2006, it was one of d biggest songs in Africa. I was just 16. The youngest kid Artiste/Producer at Dat time. Parents flogged music talents off their kids, but it changed afterwards. There was no social media so we had to travel everywhere we wanted our songs to be aired. Channel O was the biggest international cable station and this song remained on No1 spot on the chat for several weeks. Then, Radio wouldn’t play u if u aren’t exceptionally good as they played more of western Artistes. But we reached out despite the limitations. We did almost the best dat was available at dat time. Every kid wanted to be like me.. Even the person in question wouldn’t say I didn’t inspire him. Besides 2face (African queen) , Dbanj (Oliva twist) and Ice prince (oleku) further established our music internationally. Thank God for wizkid and Davido as they have further broken bounds by building on these platforms and we are proud of them.. It will not end there as it is like a process. There are others coming that will do greater things too, but it is important that we don’t forget by tomorrow what these guys (Wizkid,Davido,Olamide etc) are doing today. It’s like saying Phyno is the originator of Igbo Raps, where will u place Nigga Raw, or Saying Olamide started Yoruba raps when we had lord of Ajasa. let’s always dish out the correct information when it comes to history of the Nigerian music industry. No Disrespect to my big brother AdeShope✊️”


Watch the video of the interview session on Instagram below.

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